The Daisies
The Daisies
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The Daisies

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The second range of Kaatjie socks and yes, of course they are in the Daisy pattern!

They are for the weird and quirky. The show offs. The fashionistas. They are for those who want to make a statement. And they are for the fit, the active, the unfit, the nerds, the artists, and everyone in between!

May this oh so quirky white and pink ones be the first of many other socks to come.

Good to know: Custom made by Sox Footwear  l  Crew cut 16 cm cuff  l  Knitted with PolyLon36 Fiber  

IMPORTANT! When sold out, we will continue to take orders, but you will probably have to wait a little while for the sock masters to make them. Lead time can be three weeks.