How things have changed in 20 months

How things have changed in 20 months

It seems appropriate to share in my first blog the wonder of change.

I say "wonder" because change is needed in your life. The question is whether too much change in a short time is a good thing? I (still) don't know the answer. For the past two years, the whole world has been experiencing change. And when you change so much in a mere 20 months, it's getting a little hard to keep up. 

If you are a new customer, here's a quick summary of the reason for my change: After 15 years as a news journalist and supplement editor at a big Afrikaans newspaper in South Africa, I got retrenched due to Covid19. They say losing your job is one of the top 5 most traumatic things that can happen (death, divorce, relocation and illness are, according to the experts, the other trauma triggers). This happened in the winter of 2020. Since then, a lot of change has happened in my life. Starting a new business was just one of them. Weight problems, stress and anxiety, self doubt, finances were and are still obstacles.

Has change renewed me and shaped me into a better person? Not yet. I'm still in that process. But hopefully I will be able to look back soon and say, well, this was a good thing. For now, I try my best not to sink into a bit of a stormy sea.

For all of you who are also experiencing change, or starting a new chapter, know this... YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

On a lighter note, me in the process of changing... in the hair department :)

October 2022

Long hair and a brunette... I really don't miss the long hair, especially washing it!

Short and sweet. It was like cutting off 2020.

When you go through a change, go all the way! Blondes apparently have more fun.



  • Humour and resilience. I guess South Africans are born with it... we have a certain resilience when things go wrong and let's admit it our country has obstacles almost every week! Although I think humour has its place, it helps to choose laughter. 
  • Reading good motivational books. My favourite at the moment is Mel Robbins The 5 Second Rule
  • Listen to entrepreneurs' podcasts. My favourite at the moment is Steven Bartlett. 
  • Music. Any music really. I bought JBL headphones the other day and stream all my music from my phone. It really helps me to focus while working and not procrastinate so much.
  • Faith. Maybe one of the most difficult things to do is to say thanks in a time when you feel this is the worst time to be thankful... I know I have SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR! I enjoy listening to Joy Meyer. Have a listen on her app or You Tube videos.
  • Friends and family. They may not always understand, but they sure are supportive.
  • Pets. I have two cats... Kaatjie and Rosie. If you are an animal lover, I really don't need to explain the wonder of pets and animals in general.
  • Creating. Painting family portraits or designing new textiles and products. Being creative does not mean you have to be the next Picasso, anyone can create. The key is to enjoy it.
  • Don't be too hard on yourself. This one is difficult for me. But looking back at photos of how I started and where I am now helps a lot.

Before I started my online shop. You have to start somewhere!

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